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,, Ad libitum “trio-Macedonia – 21.3.2019. – 19h – MUZIČKA AKADEMIJA SARAJEVO

11. Mart 2019, at 11:54


“Ad libitum” trio-Macedonia

Silvana Chuleva Atanasova-flute

Lazar Sokolov-clarinet & alt sax

Emilija Kabranova Filipova-piano

1.”Children’s game”-Kokan Dimushevski

-Childrens game-


-The old photo-

2.“The two rivers”- Anze Rozman

3.“White Landscapes”op.47-(trans.)- Takashi Yoshimatsu

– Divination by Snow (Adagio)

– Stillness in Snow (Moderato)

– Disappearance of Snow (Largo)

4.”Techno parade”-Guillaume Connesson

5.”Trio no.1”-Russel Peterson (fl,sax,pno)


kj Capture

Silvana Chuleva Atanasova- flute Lazar Sokolov clarinet Emilija Kabranova Filipova-piano

,, Trio Ad libitum “was established in 2015 and its wide repertoire includes compositions from all musical eras, original compositions for this chamber trio, their transcriptions, arrangements and modern compositions. Have numerous first performances of many works in Macedonia and abroad: ,, Prelude of a afternoon of a faun “-C.Debussy-arr.Michael Webster, Jacque Ibert – ,, Deux interlude”, ,, Seduccion “(Seduction) trio of contemporary Latin American composer Miguel del Aguila etc.They got composition from the Macedonian composer Kokan Dimushevski-“Childrens game”,the slovenian composer Anze Rozman who adapted his composition”The two rivers”for this trio and also from the composer Artan Hasani from Kosovo . Macedonian composer Ljupco Trajkovski-Fis wrote composition “Miniatures” for this trio.Had performances in openings of exhibitions, book promotions and had been guests at other musician’s concerts.They recorded their first CD.Their own concerts:

2015-Gevgelija Hotel Apollonia-humanitarian concert 2015 Kavadarci –“ Kavadarci Cultural Autumn “-humanitarian concert 2015 Veles-New teather-J.H.K-Giant 2015 Stip-hall of the Music Academy 2015 Strumica hall ,, ,, OOMU Boro Dzhoni ” 2016 Prilep – ,, Prilep Cultural Summer ” 2016 Kavadarci – ,, Museum of taste and tradition ” 2016 Skopje – ,, Skopje Summer “-Museum of city Skopje 2016 Republic of Serbia-Vrnjacka banja festival of classical music ,, Vrnjci ” 2016 Croatia-Omis-“ Summer festival”-Church ,, Holy spirit ” 2016 Croatia-Gradac-Church ,, st.Mihovila ” 2016 Croatia-Makarska-Old Church,, Franjevachkog samostana ” 2017 Prilep-“Prilep culture summer” 2017-Bitola-“Bitfest”-Museum 2017 Balchik-Bugaria-festival “Balchik classic days” 2017 2018 KIC of R.Macedonia in Sofia-R.Bulgaria 2018 Republic of Serbia-Vrnjacka banja-International festival of classical music ,, Vrnjci ”

2018 Prilep- Manifestation”New cultural wave”