DOO PERFORMING ARTS GROUP (Italija, Mađarska, Danska)

14. Mart 2018, at 10:29


(višednevne radionice sa sa lokalnim učesnicima i performerima, urbane akcije i performansi…)

Prostor: javni

Termin: 14. – 22. mart 2018.

Despite the many humanitarian battles of nowadays, we have good reason to say that we do

not care about each other. No matter the faces, the scars, the form of the eyes, we don’t want

to show ourselves as we really are. We prefer a secure connection, overprotected, the one that

we adopt every day. We may wishing for anonymity?

What would be the reaction of passengers and citizens by meeting every day somebody with a

second skin? Will they want to join him? Perhaps.

Above the Skin is an artistic and urban action that move from this need: to meet up, naked and

covered (to say it with an oxymoron) by a second skin.