Indian Schedule

7 February, 2019


1.      11.30                    Welcome programme, India included: speech by Ms Tanuja Shankar, Director of Indian Cultural Centre short presentation of Indian dancers in City Hall

2.      12.00-15.00          Dancers and musician go to Army Hall to do the set-up and sound check

3.      18.00-19.00          Indian cultural programme in Army Hall, details:

18.00-18.15 hrs: Group performance


Dancers: Ms Sonali Roy (India, Kathak dancer), Virág Túri (Hungary, Odissi dancer), Panni Somi (Hungary, Bharatanatyam dancer)

Musician: Pt Rajesh Gangani (India)

Style: kathak, odissi, bharatanatyam fusion

Time: 15 minutes


The performance will start with a Ganga pooja (prayer). It is an introductory item with offering flowers for the God. This will be followed by Sivatandavastotra item, which is a dynamic and rhythmic Siva dance using all three dance styles together. This part is finishing with a fusion style Charishnu tillana item with all the artists involved.


18.15-18.27 hrs: Odissi dance pure classical


Dancer: Virág Túri (Hungary, Odissi dancer)

Music: recorded music

Style: Odissi

Time: 12 minutes


This will be a solo performance of the beautiful and feminine Odissi style from East India.


18.27-18.42 hrs: Kathak dance with live Tabla music


Dancer: Sonali Roy (India, Kathak dancer)

Music: Pt Rajesh Gangani (India) on Tabla

Style: Kathak

Time: 15 minutes


This part will be a Jugalbandi of Kathak dance and Tabla music: a classical Kathak tradition & question-answer play of dance and music improvized by two famous artists in traditional Kathak style.  Performance will start with Tabla , it will be very effective to make a classical environment. After that the Kathak dancer will enter on stage with beautiful syllables and interesting compositions of pure Kathak dance. They will conclude the performance with “Jugal Bandi”, the question and answer round.


18.42-18.54 hrs: Bharatanatyam dance pure classical


Dancer: Panni Somi (Hungary, Bharatanatyam dancer)

Music: recorded music

Style: Bharatanatyam

Time: 12 minutes


Bharatanatyam is a major genre of Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu. Traditionally, Bharatanatyam has been a solo dance that was performed exclusively by women, and it expressed South Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas, particularly of ShaivismVaishnavism and Shaktism.


4.      20.00:                   Participation on Sarajevo Winter Festival opening show as guests, sitting in audience


-Lifts, 9.30 / artists come from the Olympic mountain

TREBEVIĆ in the city.

- White  fortress, 10.30 / ANTIGONA / HOR, and B.Dimitrijević

-City hall, 11.30 /Welcome,

 artistic program

 welcome by the guests  SWF / Sissy, Rivera, Director of the Center for

 the culture of India ..

–Collegium artisticum, 14,00-77 graphics SARAJEVO

–YouthTHEATRE/, 15.00 / Antigone

–Youth Theatre17,00-19,00/Performance

–The Armed Forces of BiH / 17.00/Indian dance

–Gymnasium/18,00/ NOISE and Fury

–Susan Sontag Square/19,15

 Noise and Fury: Circle – Quadratic – Triangle Sarajevo Taxi, ballet, tango, hip-hop, folk/

 indian dance

- National Theater, 20.00


-ALU, 11.00 / promotion of the Monography Analogio Festival

-Panos Charalambous, video art

-Thalia Chioti, video art

- First gymnasium, 12.00 poetry Bouras

- Musical Pavilion, 16.00, Bosnian Bathtub with poets / Bouras, George Rivera, Admiral      Mahić, Marija ŠukovićKuluz Željko /

-New Templ/17,00 Hasan Čakar and Amer Hadžić.


-White salon 11.00 meeting with festivals