NPRS Banja Luka, Sons die first

03. March 2019, at 21:17


Mate Matisic


Jakov, retired, 62 years old

Ranka, his wife, retired

Micun, their son, retired, 41 years old (75% disabled)

Marija, his wife, 36 years old

Luka, Jakov’s brother, retired

Mirko, his son, retired, 38 years old (100% disabled)

Bozo, his son, retired, 36 years old (60% disabled)

Aco, retired, short-sighted, 34 years old (75% disabled)

Mara, retired, 60 years old

Ivica, a retired man from mid-Bosnia, 38 years old (69% disabled)

Darko, a Mafioso from Banja Luka, an urban fellow, retired (25% disabled)

Tihomir, a retired man from Belgrade

Avdo, a retired man from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The play takes place in the village of Rekavice, Republic of Srpska.