Performance in SARTR 6.3.2019.

19. February 2019, at 15:24

LIAT DROR & NIR BEN GAL DANCE COMPANY Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal are the founders and directors for “Sderot Adama Dance center”, Choreographer and creators of “Adama dance company”, and the head of the academic course for bachelor’s degree – “Dance and choreographer for cinema screen” at the school for the sound and screen arts – Sapir college, the largest public college in Israel. Liat & Nir has started their common journey at KCDC (Kibbutz contemporary dance company) work shop in Kibbutz Ga’aton. They danced in Jerusalem dance ensemble and study at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance. Their first work “Two Room’s Apartment” was a break through to the couple. They managed to bring sincere and independent message that uses contemporary tools with strong local influence. fast they have become well known – both, in Israel and word wide. They have won first place at the international choreography contest in Bagnolet Paris, and were invited to countless international festivals and events. Number of positive and sympathetic article in the main international dance precipitousness magazines has pave their way to become an ambassador for the Israeli contemporary dance. Their success has open doors to many Israeli dance companies in Europe and north America and began a new era in the artistic activity of the non-established contemporary dance in Israel. “Two Room’s Apartment” and the next works that follow were a turning point to a new dance style that was born and established in Israel. A local combination between Movement Theater and contemporary dance that create a unique dance with Israeli lineament. They have brought to stage the intimacy relationship between themselves and their surrounding area. This sincere message was the main topic that in reach Liat and Nir’s work, as well as other dance couples and choreographers in the nineties. In the years to come “Two Room’s apartment” and their next work – “Donkeys” were an inspiration and a row model for a new generation of independent creators. After relishing that their work won’t be able to exist as a way of leaving in Tel Aviv, they decided to open a new page in their artistic career and moved to a far city in the Negev mountains – Mitzpe Ramon (2000) were they founded a new dance school – “ADAMA Dance center”. Ten years of domestic and international great success were behind them and they felt that it is the right time to harness their time, energy, and talent to a different style of dance. In the middle of the Negev desert they turned their artistic work to a day to day life. They believed that the art of dance cannot be isolate from their real life and must find ways to connect to the wider community and dance lovers. Real creation has to be disconnected from the competitive and rushed way of leaving in the canter. The hart of the desert with its endless space, sun and silence was the right scenery for renewal and for the desired connection between dance and heling.

In an old ceramics factory, they have built a studio, residence and host area and founded their dance and heling school, dance company and variety of workshops for dance, movement, and internal observation. over the years, they have managed to bring thousands of dancers, dance student and dance lovers from all over the country, that came for few days and stayed in their area for festivals and wide range of dance activities. In the beginning of 2016, Liat and Nir have moved their activity to the city of Sderot, in the west Negev, near the Arab city of Gazza and have founded the new dance center – “Shderot ADAMA”