Visual Arts

plakat SZ 2017
March, 21st 2017
National Museum of B&H

Temporary forever – Monte Negro

March, 20th 2017
Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo

Life and work of the Sarajevo architect Nedžad Kurto

March, 18th 2017
Bosniak Institute - Foundation Adil Zulfikarpašić

Tea for five

March, 17th 2017
Gallery Hanikah

Kemal Mehmedović – Secret Harbour

March, 16th 2017
Gallery Preporod

A constant stream of present (group work)

plakat SZ 2017
March, 15th 2017
Zemaljski muzej BiH

Izložba Sehara – Sevdalinka

March, 15th 2017
IUS Gallery

Poster competition exhibition

March, 14th 2017
Gallery Novi Hram

Erol Čolaković – Exhibition (photographs)

March, 12th 2017
Gallery IPC “E”

Eldar Spahić – Third Shift

12 low
March, 10th 2017
Collegium Artisticum

An Infinite Array of Colours: Traditional Turkish Marbling

March, 9th 2017
History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zora Stančić – Headscarf

March, 8th 2017
History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Scream Sarajevo