Spahić:Theme for the SWF 2020 is “TIME FOR YOU-PICk UP ART”

Director of INTERNATIONAL SARAJEVO FESTIVAL – SARAJEVO WINTER Ibrahim Spahic dedicated the river Miljacka with spring water and published the motto XXXVI SWF 2020.
Moto XXXVI SWF 2020 “Time for you-pick up art”.n1
Spahić emphasizes that the motto of the next edition of Sarajevo Winter is to invite artists of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world to shape their new art space in the pre-Olympic year of OLIMPIJADE KULTURE SARAJEVO in g. Sarajevo. Applications for participation should be sent by at the email address:
This year’s edition of the Festival confirmed: Sarajevo City of the City – a city of dreams and realities, the city has seen, through its Olympic corner, a mystery of creation and p/art of the modern world, Spahić said and thanked the artists, the honorary guest of the Festival of Hungary, partners and cultural institutions and Sarajevo public and the media on extraordinary participation in XXXV programs SWF-Noise and fury. The program of the Culture Week of Hungary in BiH in cooperation with SWF started on 7.2.2019. and ended on 9.5-2019. The Conference on Culture and Development and the magnificent concert of the Hungarian Philharmonic in the City Hall, supported by the City of Sarajevo.
At the III Festival City by IPC, which will be held from 6.8.-6.9.2019. in Sarajevo with artists, citizens, diaspora, and tourists, we develop a unique communication network for
the new cultural platform of our City Museum, announced Spahić. Applications for the Sarajevo Winter in 2019 are also for the GRAD Festival and should be sent by 15.7.2019.