VANJA MERVIČ (Slovenia): Solo exhibition “Obscure mechanism of consciousness”

16. February 2018, Historical Museum of BH at 19:00

February 16th  – 22.2.2018.

What we see is obscured to the sense of vision with out the help of technology. The Scanning Electron Microscope enables us to go into the micro and nano scale of objects, might they be organic or inorganic. I employed the SEM microscope on the object of a chewed chewing gum.

Something we have already used and then discarded without thought. The same as we rarely observe micro processes in our conscious that are going on constantly without our control or even awareness. This graphics are a slice of time.These are moments captured in one spotlight of electrons which manipulate the matter. Afterwards it is manipulated in a mirroring image. What we think and what is hidden from our consciousness is mirrored back to us. The image is an inward vision reflecting us, back to us.