Welcome from Ibrahim Spahić


Dear artists,

And dear guests from around the world,

In the temple of culture, The National Theater of Sarajevo, I am reffering to all of the pariticpants of the 34th International Sarajevo Winter Festival, that along with the motto “The Other Face of the World” we join all together in this Olympiad of culture.

It is a special honor for me to greet our honorary guest Republic of Bulgaria, which was the first to recognize independent and sovereign BiH, and today, as Chair of the EU Council, opens new opportunities for European reintegration and for our country for the benefit of Europe and its citizens.

I would like to emphasize that UNESCO and the Council of Europe have sponsored the festival for 25 years, because we have the same mission: the affirmation of the culture of diversity and their unity, dedication, science, education, art and freedom of speech and creativity.

The Sarajevo Winter Festival sends cordial congratulations to the organizers of the Olympic Games in South Korea, Japan and China, our special guests with the wish that our countries and cities organizers of the Olympic Games guard the Olympic flame which in Sarajevo in 1984 called for peace and freedom for every human, every nation and the land in the struggle for the sustainable development of our Planet.

Sarajevo celebrates this year and 25 years of the most important cultural action of artists and European citizens organized by Avinjon Festival and Sarajevo Winter, which have been members of the European Association of the Festival for decades. Sarajevo was proclaimed the European Cultural Capital 93/94, between the EKPs of the cities of Antwerp and Lisbon. In more than a hundred cities in Europe and the world under the name of Sarajevo Winter, thousands of artists played their plays and organized exhibitions, and we all listened to Albinoni’s Adaggio Vedran Smajlovic and Mozart’s Requiem Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra under the conductor rod Zubin Mehta.

We have been dreaming about the construction of the Concert Hall Sarajevo at Marijin dvor for the past 20 years, which Zaha Hadid dreamed of with us in the euromeditaran climate of BiH, when she selected between hundreds of projects from 43 countries, Urban Future project.

Our dreams will be realized, as well as entering the European Union, as the desire to be a member of the UN and UNESCO family is realized. The Council of Europe and the OESC.

Many of our monuments of material and non-material heritage have become part of the world’s cultural heritage.

Today yoga is celebrated in the whole, and I am glad that they are with us and the artists of India. Sarajevo is a city in which it sings and thinks and goes in the rhythm of Festina lente / Hurry slowly / because it is constantly dreaming.


It is time to return to the future with the Olympic call Citius, Altius, Fortius.


I am convinced that there is a new Silk Road ahead of us art that has inherited all the best civilizational and cultural achievements and that the future of our country and countries of the world is open to one another and in discovering the other face of the world in relation to the world in which we now live.