ZORAN T. ŽIVKOVIĆ (BiH / Švedska): Samostalna izložba “NA ZAPADU OPET NIŠTA NOVO“, Galery NOVI HRAM at 17:00

10. February 2018, Gallery NOVI HRAM at 9:02

February 8th at 18.00h – 15.2.2018

The starting point of the cycle “In the West Again Nothing New” is based on the research of the functioning of artistic-cultural-historical exchanges between close European environments-identities of historical, cultural and ideological circumstances that influence the acceptance, transformation and adoption of basic features of cultures, folklore and artistic tradition. On traditional artistic assumptions, I base my “shift” from the formal-style, aesthetic features of the traditional artistic – and I seek the ability to understand the intellectual and cultural history of our diversity.

Zoran Zivkovic