Izložbe grčkih umjetnika u Akademiji likovnih umjetnosti

31. Januar 2019, at 18:59

Panos CHARALAMPOUS ”Aquis Submersus” 08/02 ALU UNSA Panos HARALAMBUS ”Aquis Submersus” (2 video installation 6 and 3 min. it will be nice to play in the same time one next to other if its possible…Here we should arrange Skype connection with me next to rector translating ) Thalia CHIOTI “Singer” 15/02 ALU UNSA Talia HJOTI “Singer” (video installation 20 second but in loop+ 2 poster A3) James LANE/ TREMOR 15/02 ALU UNSA Džejms LEJN/ DRHTANJE 15/02 (one channel video installation, duration 13:01m) Yannis ZIOGAS “The Longest Twig in the World “ 06/ 03 installation in space ALU UNSA Janis ZJOGAS “Najduži prut na svijetu” Filippos KALAMARAS “Minimal Couch“ 06/ 03 installation in space ALU UNSA Filipos KALAMARAS “Minimalni divan“ installation in space.