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Poruka Jana Briers

The European Festivals Association (EFA), its Presidency, Board, Secretariat and all members wish you asuccessful and inspiring festival edition 2018! We invite you to use our various (communication) tools to make your voice heard and to reach out to a world-wide public.

Your exceptional artistic programme gives our association a reason to exist, stimulate young talent, present the highest quality performances and at the same time involve the local communities in your festival is enriching the artistic life in Europe. EFA members take the joint responsibility that the arts are prioritised offering their platforms to bring the arts to the audiences. Access and participation in culture and the arts is a Human Right. By supporting and enabling artistic creation, production and participation, your festival ensures that this right is made a reality for your audience.

With a renewed board and presidency, EFA’s mission is more than ever to unite and represent its member festivals across Europe, stimulate the interaction between festivals, with public authorities and the other stakeholders in the arts which are central to EFA's work.

2018 is also the European Year of Cultural Heritage and gives festivals a unique chance to show how they bring our heritage alive. The diverse group of festivals, which are a member of EFA Member can jointly have a positive impact on the construction of the cultural heritage of tomorrow. International collaboration between festivals from various regions worldwide is one of EFA’s priorities this year.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the EFA Arts Festivals Summit in Ljubljana, Slovenia (11-14 April 2018)!

With our kindest regards and festive greetings,

Jan Briers

EFA President