COMMON SPACE 03. march 2018, Collegium artisticum at 17:00

Kustosica: Ana Frangovska (Makedonija)



А group of artists met during Art colony Galichnik (2017, Macedonia) where, under specific

conditions of isolation in a mountain village, formed a common space for exchange and

interaction. After abandoning the common physical space, they realized that, in first place, a

joint mental space was created, so they continued to communicate and develop ideas. Artists

from different countries have need and motivation to act within a common artistic space, and

this exhibition would be their first joint presentation to the public. Whether it is traveling and

exploring unknown places – careful observation of the signs that physical space offers in terms

of history, tradition, social and political issues; or traveling within intimate inner landscapes; or

reconsidering the function of certain sites; all works that would be presented at this exhibition

have the issue of space as a common denominator. (Svetlana Volic)