Exhibition Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Sarajevo 05. march 2018, Zemaljskom muzeju BiH at 17:00

Indonesia – The country has 17.504 island, entitling it to be the largest archipelagic country in the world. It lies across on the equator between two continents: Asia and Australia, and between two oceans: the Pacific and Indian.

Indonesia is a highly diverse country. It has around 714 ethnic identities, more than 300 languages, influenced by 6 major religions (Hindu, Buddha, Islam, Christianity, and Confucianism) and traditional beliefs of animism and dynamism. It majestically reflected into all forms of artworks: painting, sculpture, dance, music, textile and clothing, cuisine, performance, architecture, etc.

“The Wonders of Indonesia: Exhibition of Heritage and Art” represent a window to the richness of Indonesian culture, art and heritage. It exhibits the works of Indonesian artists whom have dedicated their mind, energy and time to preserve historical and cultural heritage.

The exhibition is held by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Sarajevo in cooperation with the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Sarajevo Winter Festival 2018.