Exhibition of the Bulgarian painter Svetla Radulova „A tail from Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Opening on 12 March 2018, Gallery Novi Hram, Sarajevo

For each author, the participation in an art colony, such as “Art Symposium Jahorina,” is a chance to reveal and rediscover her/his own work. What a better chance of getting to know different manners, cultures and peoples, which also enriches and gives a different point of view, a direction that inspires and provokes, than traveling.

The exhibition consists of paintings that the Bulgarian artist Svetla Radulova has created over the last 5 years during her participation in “Art Symposium Jahorina “. They are a frank, pure inspiration of the spirit, nature, and people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “For me,” says Radulova, “this place is a source of inspiration, whit it’s rich history, emotions and strong spirituality. It is an outburst of spiritual quests, time scales, and dimensions. A wander in my own feelings. A dance with emotions. Conversation with the experiences.”


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