Ljubica Ostojić 20. march 2018, Muzej književnosti i pozorišne umjetnosti BiH at 12:00

Ljubica Ostojić was born in 1945 in Belgrade, Serbia. By the very end of that year, she had moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with her family. She graduated from Pedagogical Academy in the field of fine arts, as well as from the Faculty of Philosophy in the field of comparative literature, in Sarajevo. She continues to work and live in Sarajevo to this day.
She had worked as dramaturges of Dramska scena Pozorišta mladih. She is considered to be a professional writer with a status of a free artist due to her long years of running as a theater critic in magazines <<Odjek>> and <<Književna revija>>, newspapers such as <<Oslobođenje>>, <<Večernji list>> as the editor of documentary, experimental and poetry drama on Radio-Sarajevo and as a dramaturges associate “Mostarski Teatar mladih”. From 1994 until the year of 2016 she worked as a lecturer of Dramaturgy in the Academy of stage art as a regular professor.
Her poetry works, critics and radio-dramas have been translated to English, Albanian, German, Macedonian, Hungarian, Turkish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Greek, French..
She is a member of The writers association of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1974. She had won several literary and theatrology awards and recognitions. She especially highlights the International reward for the contribution of development of dramatic upbringing.