Ibrahim Spahić was born on 10th of May 1952 in Sarajevo. He completed the First Gymnasium in Sarajevo and was the Chairman of the Committee for marking its 120 years. He graduated comparative literature and a theatrology. He is author, editor, publisher and producer. The founder and president of Festivals ‘Zajedno’ (‘Together’), ‘Poetika prostora’ (The poetics of space’) of the International Peace Centre and the International ‘Sarajvska zima’ (Sarajevo winter’) Festival, the president of the SSRNBiH BiH Sarajevo, DSS and ‘Građanska demokratska stranka BiH’ (Citizen Democratic Party of B&H). He was a delegate member for three mandates of the Assembly of B&H and is the author of laws, development strategy and resolution, president of the Commission for Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights, Co-Chairman of the Foreign Policy Commission PSBiH., President of the PSBiH Delegation to the IPU and elected as the Vice-Presidents at the sessions of the Inter-parliamentary Union. He was a candidate for the B&H presidency three times. He is the author of the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Representatives of National Minorities in B&H, the PSBiH Resolutions, and the initiator of the development of the economic social and cultural development strategy of B&H. He was the President of the Commission for Cultural Strategy of the VM B&H. He was organizer of ten international conferences ‘Dialogue of Civil Society and Mayors in all the important centres in the country in cooperation with the Council of Europe. He was president of the Sarajevo Students’ Union, a member of the executive federal bodies of SSJ and SSOJ. He managed IPC Gallery for twenty years and organized more than 100 promotions of art and B&H literature in the world and 5000 cultural events in B&H.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of SD Bosna and the President of the Council of Sport Board, a member of the BH Pres Council and other magazines, newspapers and publications and was the creator of the radio and TV program on the First Independent TV in B&H called “Dobre vibracije” (“Good Vibrations”).

He co-founded with the Citizens Forum of the Zenica Foundation Kulin ban and was its first president. President of IITM / International Institute for Mediterranean Theatre from Madrid / for B&H. Founder and President of the First House of Europe in Sarajevo. President of the Commission for the Development of Cultural Strategy of B&H. President of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture Forum. He was a member of the IK and President of the European Cultural Forum in Brussels. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean, honorary member of the B&H PEN Center ( 1993 ) and the Association of Architects of Sarajevo. He was the director of X Biennale BJCEM and the first president of the International Association of the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean, and is the honorary President of the BJCEM. He is the initiator of international competition for the construction of the Concert Hall Sarajevo with Rome and Sarajevo. The president of the jury was Zaha Hadid. He was the President of the OK Euro-regional Project Link Diversity Council of Europe for the restoration of citizenship and civil society in Southeast Europe. President of the Executive Committee of the First Civil Forum in B&H, President of the Organizing Committee of Sarajevo Euro-region. He was the President of the Business Community and the Association of Publishers and Booksellers of B&H and at the Board of Directors of the National Theatre in Sarajevo. He was the founder and president of the Collegium artisticum art community and the program manager at the Austrian house / headquarters of SWF / and the founder of the Eco-Movement Skakavac and the EKO-OKO magazine, editor-in-chief of the human rights magazine WHY. He is the initiator of the Sarajevo ‘Dijalog’ (‘Dialog’) magazine and was the first director of this journal and organizer of the philosopher’s meeting point in ANUBiH. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Culture of the Council of Europe and the President of the project Sarajavo, the capital of culture of Europe 1993/94, chairman of the Sarajevo Committee – the first intercultural city of the Council of Europe / 2003-2004 /, member of the Council of MESS and international jury of the visual arts, theatre and literature festivals. Member of the Board of Directors of the European Association of the Festival / EFA /. The first president of the Lions Club Sarajevo. He is the co-founder of art network in B&H, in the Balkans, Europe and the Mediterranean and in the world. He is a member of the UNESCO State Commission. The participant and organizer of the Boena says NO to divisions, assembles for recognition of B&H's independence and significant peace, ecological, humanitarian initiatives, demonstrations, proclamations and projects in B&H, Europe and the World.

He was a member of the Sarajevo Council of Councillors and is the author of the Declaration on Indivisible Sarajevo. He has also gave speeches at the UN Commission on Human Rights, the Council of Europe, the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security of the European Parliament, and regularly works on regional, European and world forums .The member EHC/Brussels/.

He published poetry books “Znak” (“Sign”), “Čovjek od žice” (“Man made of wire”),”Sarajevski pauci i drugi kukci (“Sarajevo spiders and other insects”). He writes and publishes poetry in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Bosančica languages. His poetry was translated into English, German, French, Greek, Arabic, Macedonian, Albanian, Armenian, Polish, Italian, Slovakian, Portuguese, Russian … and performed in theatrical direction by Ewe Grabowski with Polish artists and ballet ensemble Bellarte from BiH forms of poetic installations in galleries. He prepared an anthology of poetry Harfa and Monography “Sarajevska zima“. He is the author of the books “Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and “Citizen Pro / Vocation” and prepared and published a book on the future of B&H from the Link diversity symposium. The editor is the publications, books and catalogs in the fields of politics and art, architecture, medicine. He writes about human rights, culture, politics and international relations and participates in international human rights meetings.

He has received numerous awards in the country and the world for his work on establishing intercultural dialogue, for the struggle for peace and freedom and for the cultural mission. Particularly significant are the recognitions of B&H cultural institutions, the “Šesti april Award of Sarajevo, the Plaque of the Canton Sarajevo. He is the honorary citizen of the city of Montorio Al Vomano. He got Tartuffo per Pace award in Italy, Special award of the European Theater Prize (ETP) Jury Medal Juan Miro (UNESCO ) Carrier of the Order of the Knight