My Factory 21. february 2018, BOSNIAN NATIONAL THEATRE ZENICA – under the auspices of Sarajevo Winter at 19:30

The performance “My Factory” was created according to the author’s book by the author Selvedin Avdić, which speaks of the inexorable relationship between Ironworks and Zenica, which we have been following from the founding of the Ironworks to this day. This documentary performance complements the structure of the book with the intimate confessions of the former workers and workers of the Ironworks, and the confessions of the acting ensemble. Zenica factory survived crises, strikes, shifts of ideological systems, demolition attempts, and incredible development, and Zenica has survived all along with it. “My Factory” merges individually and collectively, tells about workers and workers through the history of a factory and a city, discovering it forgotten. No

the universality of this play does not hide only in the fate of man and workers who are close to us all, but in that it reminds us of the inextricable attitude of the culture of memory and of our identity.